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Twitter versus Facebook

I have been spending quite a lot of time on twitter lately – I am using it as a distraction from writing my dissertation, but it is a good distraction I think. It keeps me updated, and I am using it as a more professional social media then for instance facebook, which I do not use that much anymore – mainly for keeping in touch with friends and family while I am staying here in Paris – I am actually thinking about closing my account, or at least take a break from it.  

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Spoken Word

So, last night I went to this Spoken Work event. I can not remember the name of the place where it was, but it was on line 3, metro stop Parmentier. It starts around 8.30 and ends around midnight. I think, I am not sure I left after round 1, which ended at 10pm, and there are 3 rounds.

Anyway, I loved it. It was so amazing seeing people expressing themselves through poems, dance and short stories. And the place was packed, so its quite popular. Oh I by the way, between 7-9pm, its happy hour so you can get a glass of wine for 2 euros – whats not to like:)

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This happened to me about a week ago

Dreamers come in all shapes and colors. Have I read that somewhere? Anyway, tonight a man approached me, wanting to ask me a question; how do one get a job here? Is it possible?

I read about this bookshop in the newspaper, right after the owner George Whitman died – how do you say his last name? Whitman – Whitman. I am from Berlin; I would like to move here. I know a lot about books, but I am not educated..I mean all who work here has an education. Its becoming fancy, all those people there are fancy. We look into the shop, as the owner and some others are taking the author out for dinner. Well I know that, that is what’s going on. He doesn’t.  

His voice – I sense a great deal of bitterness in it. He has dreams I guess. Dreams that has not yet been fulfilled and he does not know how to fulfill them. And here I am, fulfilling my dreams one by one. 

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Tomorrow, I have been in Paris for 3 weeks and I just love it here. In fact I love it so much, that I want to stay as long as possible. So this blog will be about Paris, my writing, the books I read and what else inspire me in this beautiful city.