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I already love this year! So far, I am very sure that this year is going to be amazing. Every year around New Year, I start to reflect on the old year and on the year to come(as most people do, I think:)), and even though 2012 has been an fantastic year, I plan to make 2013 even more fantastic! In my last post, I talked about why writing was not possible in Denmark. I think I might have been wrong about that. I think its just as possible, but it might take even more work and determination in order to reach my goal. I would really love it, if I could maybe live in Denmark and still be close to my family and friends and at the same time use the world as my platform for writing amazing things. 

When I usually think about what I write, and what I want to write then its typically short stories, stories for children or articles in a newspaper or magazine. But I can feel that submitting pieces online for instance for a NGO, would be just as satisfying and I could still write stories on the side(some times, taking the time off to concentrate on that only!). I would really love to work for this NGO: 
or this The first one focusses on reducing poverty, and the last one focus on equality between men and women. Both organizations that I would be proud to work for!



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