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Inspiration comes from many different places. I get a lot of inspiration from just walking around Paris, reading a good book, looking at a beautiful painting and stuff like that. But I also get very inspired by other blogs. I follow quite a few blogs, to get inspired or just to enjoy some good reading. Earlier this year I reblogged a blog I really enjoy reading – today I will do the same with another blog, which has inspired me to make my own 2013 resolutions when it comes to my writing.

My own goals for this year:

1)Write at least two posts a week
2)Write at least 500words a day on a short story or a novel
3)Start blogging more seriously, like for instance for a business or company situated somewhere in Denmark – will create contacts and improve my CV.
4)I already read a lot! But more reading will create more inspiration. This can be books, other blogs, articles that are relevant for me in some way ect.
5)Use the different social medias more to get more people reading my blog – do not be afraid to show what I do.


Happy New Year!

I love fireworks, and here is a video of my favorite fireworks of all, Wishes at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Honestly, nothing can instantly improve my mood like watching this video. Because I recorded it, you can also hear me giggling with pure delight from time to time, and the crowd around me oohing and aahing. (And also cheering because they think it’s over, when it’s not even properly started yet.) The whole thing is about 12 minutes long, so if you just want to skip to the finale, go to 10:45.

So I thought I’d use this, my first post of the New Year, to tell you about what I intend to do with this blog and my whole self-publishing misadventures for the next twelve months, and then you can use the comments section to tell me what you think.

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