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The life of a writer

Since I am very serious about becoming a writer, I like to read about writing and listen to what other writers have to say about how they write. I really like this video, though it might put a kind of romantic spin on the life of a writer – but than again, writers do things differently. Hemingway drank while writing and so did a lot of other writers from that time, but it does not have to be like that.

And what this video did to me, was that it inspired me to start a short story today. I have written all my life, but today I really felt like what I wrote could actually become something – maybe anyway.


3 thoughts on “The life of a writer

  1. I love short stories. I’m reading new posts this evening to do with short stories because I posted a few extracts of one in my blog this week. This is how I came here. Good luck with your story and thanks for the great clip!

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