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This coming week

Today I did my penultimate shift as a volunteer, at the Shakespeare and Company book store in Paris. Monday will be my last. This means that I am starting to say goodbye to people, and preparing my return to Denmark.

I feel like I have learned a lot from my experiences in Paris. My french has definitely improved, I have met som amazing people who has inspired me in so many ways. My writing has improved immensely over these past months, and I will always remember that Paris was the place, where I realized what I most wanted to do – write. I can, with absolute certainty, say that Paris, is the reason why I have almost finished my first novel, why I will be one of the many bloggers on, and why I have had the courage to act on some of my many dreams. 

The next few months, my plans are a bit uncertain. It all depends on weather or not I get a job. I have started sending out resumes, so hopefull it will amount to something. Still, I can not help but being excited about the future. So many things is happening at the moment(some of it, which I will blog about another time), and I have a good feeling about it.Image




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My road to fulfilling another dream of mine

Today I went to Starbucks where I spend most of the time reading but also writing a bit. I felt like doing that today, since I went out with some friends last night and really needed a nice relaxing day.

I realize now that I have come pretty far when it comes to my writing. All I need now is to make a plan on how to:

1)      Become a published writer

2)      Become a freelance magazine/newspaper writer

Having a plan on what you want is, for me anyway, very important. It makes it easier to do what you need to do, in order to achieve your goal. Also it might feel a lot easier to make these small goals that you know are actually realistic to archive. So instead of being overwhelmed by having to do a lot at the same time, you can divide your plan into small pieces. So, what I am going to do is to make a plan, which has these steps I need to follow in order to fulfill my dream.

My departure is coming up really fast now, and besides finishing my thesis I still have some things that I want to do in Paris, so I am starting to get a bit stressed now I must admit. However, I know that Paris is a big part of my inspiration so I will try to use that as much as possible before I leave the city and go back home. My plan is to go to as many exhibitions ect. as possible and review them as was I, in fact a freelance magazine writer. The first one will be an exhibition on photos from around the time when Marcel Proust lived in Paris. The museum is called “Musée Albert- Kahn” and is situated in the west of Paris. Albert Kahn was a French banker and philanthropist who spend a future sending a group of photographers to more than 50 countries, in order to document various events in the world.

Read more about him and the museum on the website:  and see some of the photos here: 

I hope that I will be able to go to the museum tomorrow, either way I will definitely have the review ready by the end of the week.

I know that archiving what I want is not going to be easy. I know that the road to it is long and might be filled with obstacles. However I feel confident enough to take on these obstacles, and I truly believe that I will be able to fulfill another dream of mine. 

My road to become a published writer is a bit more straight forward, though just as equally difficult. I have just finished writing 7508 words in my short story, which might turn into a novel instead. I am not sure yet, it depends on where the story leads me. But right now I just can´t seem to stop writing on it, so who knows?




Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox

I read about Jessica Fox, in the latest issue of “Psychologies”( a magazine), and I just had to google her when I got the chance – What a truly inspiring story! 

And I am for sure, going to buy her book: Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets.