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London is a good place to shop:)

London is a good place to shop:)

Having just returned to Paris from a visit back home and a quick trip to London, I realized that I only have 20 days left in Paris which is really scary but at the same time I know its time for me to move on. I have rented a room in an apartment in my University City, Aarhus where I will be moving in the 1st of March which will also be the day where I hand in my thesis and celebrate it in the evening, with some close friends of mine.

I guess that means that it is time for me to grow up, get a job and… who knows. I never liked all this talk about being a grown up, because what exactly does that entail? I guess it means being responsible in the I-pay-my bills and go to work every day sort of way.

It is time for that, I could not be more ready for it but the question is, will I be able to get a real job, or will have to work part time at the job where I worked all through University (working with elderly) – the job is not bad, it is just not what I had in mind when I started University in 2007. So much of my identity came from being a student, and now what – I am suppose to go from being a university student to an unemployed graduate? Or maybe I should not define myself as being unemployed – after all a writer is never unemployed:)


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