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This coming week

Today I did my penultimate shift as a volunteer, at the Shakespeare and Company book store in Paris. Monday will be my last. This means that I am starting to say goodbye to people, and preparing my return to Denmark.

I feel like I have learned a lot from my experiences in Paris. My french has definitely improved, I have met som amazing people who has inspired me in so many ways. My writing has improved immensely over these past months, and I will always remember that Paris was the place, where I realized what I most wanted to do – write. I can, with absolute certainty, say that Paris, is the reason why I have almost finished my first novel, why I will be one of the many bloggers on, and why I have had the courage to act on some of my many dreams. 

The next few months, my plans are a bit uncertain. It all depends on weather or not I get a job. I have started sending out resumes, so hopefull it will amount to something. Still, I can not help but being excited about the future. So many things is happening at the moment(some of it, which I will blog about another time), and I have a good feeling about it.Image





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