Copywriting, and Hemingway´s advice for writing

Copywriting, and Hemingway´s advice for writing

This website has a lot of good advice on copywriting, and since I am aiming at a job as a copywriting I try to read it once in a while. 

Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorite writers and his writing advice always comes in handy.


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One of the things that motivate me to write, is inspirational words from different writers, so above here are some examples of what some authors have said about the way they write.

Thought Catalog

This weekend, you are going to go where the Internet can’t find you for six hours and start writing a memoir, a novel, or a book of poems. But wait! Before you go, read these ten motivational quotes from ten of my favorite writers.

Dave Eggers
Interview with The Guardian, May 2010

This interview with Dave Eggers, following the release of his book Zeitoun, has haunted me for three years. The idea of writing requiring so much sustained concentration that it is equivalent to a “deep-sea dive,” as Eggers describes it, is the most useful concept I’ve come across to describe something that sucks so profoundly but is so generous with its rewards. I think about this concept basically every day. Here’s what he says:

“I need eight hours to get maybe 20 minutes of work done. I had one of those yesterday: seven hours of self-loathing. I…

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whats new

Since moving back to Denmark and handing in my dissertation, I have been trying to get use to a lot of things. Like how hard it is to be back in Denmark, because I miss Paris so much, and how strange it is to not be a student anymore. No more classes and no more assignments to write. It has been a big part of my life for so long now, that I can not quite wrap my mind around the fact, that I am an unemployed post graduate, and that I have to structure all my days myself in order not to become too negative, and not loose faith in myself, which I have a tend to do at this moment.

I am still writing as much as possible, I have started another blog(in Danish this time), I am volunteering at this Art Writing seminar in Aarhus, where I live and trying to spend as much time with friends and family as possible. Also I have signed up for a few classes on, which should give me plenty to do. I am of course also on a job hunt, hoping that an amazing job, will emerge itself very soon.  

Sorry for not being more active the last couple of weeks. I have been pretty busy with my dissertation (which is now handed in, thank god!), and with moving into to my new home. It is very strange being a post graduate(well almost, still waiting for my grade), and though everyone is telling me to relax, I´m still a student until I know whether I have passed or not, I still can’t help felling restless, like I was suppose to being doing something amazing right now.

I am trying to find some sort of routine though. I have started running again. I am still writing, and reading a lot! I just finished “The Best of Everything”, which is set in New York at a publishing house in the 1950s. Sort of Mad Men like, if you in to that kind of thing. Currently I am reading “The act of fact”, in the hope that it might inspire me in some way.  Basically I´m just trying not to get too depressed about the fact that I don’t have a job, and might not get one for a very long time.


So, once again, I have a little something that cheered me up a bit:)