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I am still unemployed, but new things might be happening very soon – more about that another time – and I am reading any career advice I might stumble upon. 

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Saturday night

It is saturday night, and I should be out with some friends, but instead I am stuck writing a paper thats due very soon, and as always I start procrastinating… which for me often means dreaming about and looking into going somewhere… Travelling has become an addiction for me and right now I can´t stop thinking about Paris(again), but also Italy and…you name it. I want to travel the world, but it is not easy when you are low on cash, and you should be spending time on getting a job, not dreaming about seeing the world. 

Of course this leads me to another dream of mine, I am not sure its goint to happen though. I think I am too scared. But here goes, maybe saying it out loud will make it more real(or not):

Living in London or New York, and writing for a big magazine! There, I said it – maybe it is possible after all… 


Once again, courtesy of Kanako Kuno


       Hope you all have a nice saturday evening♥