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Stephen King – writers must read a lot!

Stephen King - writers must read a lot!

One of the many blogs I follow, is a blog called Writing Forward. It has a lot of good advice on writing and today I read a blog post about how writers must read a lot in order to be a writer.

I agree with that, but sometimes I wonder if it would be easier for me to write something original if I hadn´t read quite as much. I have been reading all my life, and read as many different genres as possible, which has been really amazingly inspiring. But somehow I feel like every thought I come up with, is in no way original. That someone else already wrote about it.

But I guess all writers feel that way from time to time.

As and end note, I can tell you that I did end up going out on saturday(and wrote my paper the next day), just for a few hours to see the Eurovision song contest, and I am very proud to say that my country won this year♥


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