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Escaping into Jane Austen’s world and new plans

I just finished the book Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale. I don´t know if I ever mentioned this before, but I am a huge Jane Austen fan, and all that comes with it. Which means I read most things Jane Austen related. I enjoyed the book, always like an excuse to emerge myself into that world, and I am looking forward to seeing the movie adaption, though I am not sure that it will ever be available in Denmark. The book is about Charlotte who goes to England, to stay in Jane Austen’s world for two weeks. She is divorced and after reading Jane Austen for the first time, she decides that that is the best way to spend her summer holiday alone, since her children are with their father.

From the beginning it is clear that Charlotte is struggling not only with her divorce, but also with her being way too nice. When she arrives in England, she finally gets the chance to escape her real life, but also deal with some of her issues, and maybe fall in love….of course:) The plot revolves around a ghost story, and in the book Charlotte is compared to Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey, which gives the book a gothic twist…

My internship ended two days ago, which gives me about a week before I have to do another 4-week internship. This time it will be about coaching, fitness, self – development and probably some editing and communication/PR as well. Next week, I will start on this Coaching & Therapist course as well, which is part time and lasts for two years. I have to pay for it myself, but is still allowed to get government founding at the same time, as long as I still apply for jobs of course. I am hoping that this will lead to a job soon, and once the two years are finish, and I graduate, I would like to open my own business and work with women who have been in an abusive relationship, and maybe combine that with writing articles about coaching and self-development.

I hope that once my next internship ends, I will have more time and energy to focus on writing. I have been writing during the summer of course, just notes about things I have seen or experienced but I am hoping that it will amount to more, once I get the time to really concentrate on it…hopefully. Maybe I am just kidding myself. I always thought that I was meant to write something, but I cannot help feel, that I should have been further then I am now, though I now it can take years. Sometimes I think that, just because I want to write, it does not mean it is going to happen, which totally goes against with my belief, that I (and you) can do everything that I(you) set my (your) mind to(which is basically one of the most fundamental things if you want to work as a coach & therapist:))

All this means that I will not be moving to England just now. Maybe some day though:)


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