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Making a bucket list 3

Today my mom turned 55, and in 3 months, on the 12th of january, I will turn 30. Sometimes I freak about it, but most of the time I feel pretty calm about it. I do not feel 30 at all, and to me it is just a number. Have I achieved everything I wanted to achieve because turning 30? Not at all. When I was 14 I was sure that I would be a lawyer living in USA(I was going through an Ally McBeal kind of phase), and that I would meet my soul mate by the time I was 30. The last thing could still happen:-) Today I am really glad that I did not choose that path, because being a lawyer is so not for me!

The bucket list reminds me of the things I want to do at some point, but not necessarily before I turn a certain age. 

    My bucket list

1)      Spend at least 2 months in New York

2)      Live and work abroad – divide my time between Denmark and England/U.S.A/?

3)      Learn how to dive

4)      Start my own coaching company

5)      Write a book

6)      Go to Prince Edward Island

7)      Take a road trip across USA.

8)      Visit Australia and New Zealand

9)      Do yoga on Bali

10)  Run a Marathon

11)  See the sunset on Hawaii.

12)  Learn French, Italian, Greek and Russian.

13)  Work as a freelance journalist

14)  Help women across the world

15)  Buy a beautiful house in the country somewhere in Denmark

16)  Star in a musical

17)  Visit Venice

18)  Book a photo shoot with the amazing Christina Greve

So that’s my bucket list for now… I am sure more things will find its way to the list ♥ 




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Making a bucket list 2

I will not post my list today. I am gone wait untill tomorrow, and I will tell you why in tomorrows post. I just wanted to wish you a happy frieday – hope you are enjoying it ♥




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Making a bucket list

My new path in life is taking me a lot of different places, and my mood changes a lot. Most of the time I am extremely happy, and apparently people notice it (or so I have been told), other times I feel really sad and just want to go back to the way things were before. Because when we start taking time looking at ourselves, really looking we sometimes find things we have been hiding away for years, and that happened to me yesterday. 

Today I feel much better, and I know that the only way to get through something is to let yourself feel it, just for a while, and then you are able to get back on track. I have spent most of the day reading this blog. Some of it is in English, most of it in danish. Anne Deppe is a danish coach and writer who, in order to pay for her coaching degree, asked for money on facebook. This is very unheard off in Denmark, and she was critized a lot for it. In the end though a lot of people supported her, with money and kind words. I consinder her a huge inspiration because she follows her dreams and is true to her self. 

On her blog I read about her bucket list, and I decided to make my own list. I have not started yet, but I will post it here as soon as I am done. Perhaps you have you own bucket list of things you would like to achieve? ♥ Image