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Making a bucket list 3

Today my mom turned 55, and in 3 months, on the 12th of january, I will turn 30. Sometimes I freak about it, but most of the time I feel pretty calm about it. I do not feel 30 at all, and to me it is just a number. Have I achieved everything I wanted to achieve because turning 30? Not at all. When I was 14 I was sure that I would be a lawyer living in USA(I was going through an Ally McBeal kind of phase), and that I would meet my soul mate by the time I was 30. The last thing could still happen:-) Today I am really glad that I did not choose that path, because being a lawyer is so not for me!

The bucket list reminds me of the things I want to do at some point, but not necessarily before I turn a certain age. 

    My bucket list

1)      Spend at least 2 months in New York

2)      Live and work abroad – divide my time between Denmark and England/U.S.A/?

3)      Learn how to dive

4)      Start my own coaching company

5)      Write a book

6)      Go to Prince Edward Island

7)      Take a road trip across USA.

8)      Visit Australia and New Zealand

9)      Do yoga on Bali

10)  Run a Marathon

11)  See the sunset on Hawaii.

12)  Learn French, Italian, Greek and Russian.

13)  Work as a freelance journalist

14)  Help women across the world

15)  Buy a beautiful house in the country somewhere in Denmark

16)  Star in a musical

17)  Visit Venice

18)  Book a photo shoot with the amazing Christina Greve

So that’s my bucket list for now… I am sure more things will find its way to the list ♥ 





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