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What Is The Point of A Blog?

Oh and if you don´t have any plans for tonight, please read this blog post. It is about blogging and writing in general. Enjoy!

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My biggest fear

Coaching is about finding your biggest fear, and then do it anyway – or so I have been told. Well one of my biggest fear is showing people something I have written. Well I just started writing on a new story and I have decided to let you read what I got so far.

Tomorrow I will post it here, and I encourage you to comment, and tell me what you think about it – both positive and negative.Thats the only way I will ever get better right?

Hope you have a wonderful saturday, filled with laughter and wonderful books♥ 



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Write what you know

Sometimes I wish, I did not have the urge to write. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I had just taken an interest in cooking for instance, or sewing – that would be cool, I could make my own clothes. But no, I have to write. I can´t help it, it is almost like an addiction. But I keep coming up with excuses for why I don´t have time to write or that I am not good enough and never will be. Yesterday I got to thinking about those excuses – and they are so not good enough excuses. Don´t have time? Hallo, I am unemployed. Of course I have time. If I do not have the time for it now, when will I ever find the time? And not good enough? Well, that one is a bit tricky, but everything takes practice and time and I am sure I will be good enough some day. So what I will do now, is write about what I know, and not overthink it too much – that has always been my problem – I think to much, instead of just feel and write whatever comes.