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Still a bit scared, but here it goes….

So here it is…..drum roll. Or maybe not. The title is not set in stone, but I kind of like it. 

Please let me know what you think♥ 

Not another Jane Austen story!

It was the day after Christmas, and Lucy woke very early, too early she thought, and went into the living room, where glasses from the evening before was still standing placed around the room. On the couch was a pile of presents she had received for Christmas. She made herself a cup of tea, and sat down next to the presents. Towels, DVD´s, books, lingerie and a gift certificate for a Jane Austen tour in April. She wondered a bit about this gift though. She was a big Jane Austen fan of course, how could she not be, but going on a Jane Austen tour sounded so….nerdy. Or like she was 70 years old, which she was sure the other participants would be. She read the card which was attached to the certificate.

 Dearest Lucy, it said.

Because I know that you have always wanted to go on a trip like this (have I, she wondered?) and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, I wanted to give you this as a present which will hopefully make a lot of memories, and allow you to relax for an entire week, without any disturbance.

With all my love Cecilia

Lucy knew that Cecilia herself loved Jane Austen very much, and wondered why she had never gone on a Jane Austen tour herself. Perhaps because, Cecilia too thought a Jane Austen tour would only be for old women. I bet she got me this present, so I could tell her all about it afterwards and then she could decide if she wanted to go herself. That little witch she thought lovingly. She started to reading in the enclosed brochure, and soon after went online to book her trip….

4 months later, on a sunny April morning Lucy was on the metro to Victoria station, where a bus was waiting for her and 11 other participants. Today she was going on the Jane Austen tour, she had booked months ago (what am I doing here, she thought – this is too weird, even for me!). She arrived at the pickup place about 30 minutes before she was suppose, so she found a café where she ordered a small cup of coffee, and read a bit in a magazine that was lying on the table. A noise of a lot of people entering the café made her look up. She very quickly got agitated (she was not a morning person and preferred peace and quiet in the morning) and was about to say something to the waiter, who just passed by her, when she realized that, they were going on the tour as well. There were around 8 people, all of them demanding coffee quickly “because they were going on a Jane Austen tour”. Lucy wrenched by the mere mentioning of the trip. How was she to survive a whole week with these people?

They sat down at a table close to Lucy´s. They immediately started talking about the tour, while Lucy was busy hiding behind her magazine (childish – I know!!). She couldn’t help looking at them several times though, and she accidentally caught the eye of one of the men. He smiled at her, and she quickly looked away, and hid behind her magazine again. After about 15 minutes the group got up and went outside, and Lucy waited a couple of minutes before doing the same. This meant that she could see them all gathered when she approached the bus, and she started to feel a bit embarrassed, that she hadn’t just introduced herself at the café. The smiling man (his name for now, since she had no idea what his name actually was) was looking at her again, and she was sure he wanted to laugh at her, because of her behavior at the café. 


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