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I follow different blogs about writing and I think it rather interesting that a lot of them have a lot of readers. Why is that? Many people seem to be dreaming about becoming a published author or perhaps a journalist or a blogger, but what is it about writing that makes a lot of people wanting to make a living out of it?

I guess every art form is interesting in one way or another. I could certainly see myself as a artist, painting or drawing – If I could paint of course. So is it just the romantic notion that being an artist must be the best thing in the world, or is it something else – something more?

As I have mentioned before, writing to me is like an addiction. I can not help but write. I think it most be like that for most artists. We paint, write, sing, draw or play an instrument because we can´t not do it. It is in our heart and soul no matter what. 

What do you think, dear readers?♥


2 thoughts on “Writing

    1. “…we´re not ourselves if we don´t” – Love it! And you are so right – to do what you love most in the world and get paid for it. What could be more wonderful than that:-)

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