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Sometimes things just don´t turn out as planned.

I have been thinking a lot the last couple of days. Maybe because we are approaching New Year, and goals and plans are made for the new year, or because yesterday I had a meeting with MA, which is my unemployment insurance. I have been without a job since I graduated in march, which means that I have been unemployed for about 9 months now.

When I graduated, I told myself that I would try to find a job in either Sweden, Norway or England, if I hadn´t found a job after a year. That year is approaching and time is running so fast, that I have started to think more seriously about it. At the meeting yesterday, my counsellor, was very encouraging and I am sure I will get plenty of help, if I decide to leave Denmark.  

I am very tempted to move to England, but I am scared of leaving my family and friends behind. But I just have to tell myself that I can move back if I really hate it there. And if I give it a chance I am pretty sure it will be amazing♥

I think I will make a pro-con list and then let my heart decide♥


By Kanako Kuno ♥


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