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The voice of a blogger

A couple of days ago, I read an interview with Joy Cho, who is a graphic designer, blogger and entrepreneur. When asked about her best advice for new bloggers and how they could set themselves apart from other bloggers, she gave this answer:

“Stay true to what you are interested in and what you want to share with the world. It can be tempting to see what successful bloggers post and try and follow what they do, but the world doesn’t need more blogs that are similar to what already exists. Create what’s you and find what makes you different than everyone else. I know it’s easier said than done, but remember that everyone has something to share and that can inspire others”.

Lately I have been having a hard time not follow to closely in the footsteps of other bloggers, I admire. I sometimes feel like I don’t know what my voice is. It is important to be inspired, but it is even better to stay true to yourself, and try to combine your own unique voice, with whatever inspirer you. This blog is and has to be a reflection of who I am.

In a way it makes sense to me why I do not feel like my blog is totally me at the moment. Because I don’t feel like me and is quite unsure at what direction my life is taking right now. 2014, what will it bring to me? And more important, what will I bring to it? My uniqueness, my view on the world and my voice is going to bring a chance to the world. Not the copy of someone else, someone else´s view on the world, someone else´s voice. I have to keep that in mind, though I might be scared♥

A very good thing about inspiration though, is that it often leads to self-reflection. To blog post like this and hopefully to some form of inspiration to others. And it often helps me get out of a rut like the one I seem to be in right now. I know it is all part of a process, and I am convinced that once we are past the New Year, everything will feel much better.

Dear readers, do you know what you uniqueness is? Your voice? 


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