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A world of books♥

A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly found myself without any books to read. Or to be exact, I had plenty of books to read, but none that I wanted to read. I was looking for something specific. Something that would change me, inspire me, make me think and even challenge my favorite book Pride and Prejudice(I don’t think that will ever happen though), but no matter which book I picked up it couldn’t keep my interest going long enough to actually finish it.

When I was recommended to read Unwind by Neal Shusterman my expectations were low, since I am usually not a big fan of Young Adult books.  To my surprise I actually liked it, and I am now reading the second book in a series of 4.  And when I found a really amazing book blog in Danish, I started to make a list of must reads (some of them must buys), and a hope started to grow in me again. A hope that I might soon again, get inspired and perhaps be changed in some way or another.

Unfortunately, this blog also inspired me to buy more books (which I shouldn’t, as long as my moving plans are not yet finalized – going to London with a suitcase filled with books might not be the best idea – or maybe it is. But then I would have no room for clothes – but who needs that anyway?), which I will show you once they arrive – they are so beautiful.

In the spring of 2012 when I was doing my internship at a small publishing house, I was at the same time following a course called “Read to lead” training”. You can read more about it here. But basically it means that I am able to lead a read-aloud-group in which I will(as the name implies) read aloud to a small group of people and then make room for breaks along the way in order to discuss the text. I wrote my thesis on the subject, and was truly amazed by how much literature can help people. How it has the ability to change lives (I kind of thought it was just me who felt that way). This type of reading is used a lot in England and is especially aimed at people with depression, Alzheimer, ect. But is also a very useful way for people who do not read so much (or at all), to still get the enjoyment out of a good story and get to discuss it as well.

That is what I miss. Because not all literature is good literature and not all literature is meant to leave you amazed and inspired. Some are just there to entertain us, some are they to make us laugh, and some are there to make us think. I long for the ones that leave me feel amazed, inspired and like I have just come back from visiting a world so interesting that I would want to go back as soon as possible.

Here are some of the books that I want to read in the near future:

1)      Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines – Samantha Hahn

2)      Seen reading – Julie Wilson

3)      Curious invitations – Suzette Field

4)      Charles Dickens and the great theatre of the world – Simon Callow

5)      A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

6)      A novel bookstore – Laurence Cosse

7)      Let it snow – John Green

8)      Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – David Levithan

I can´t wait♥


Courtesy of Pinterest♥

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To add something new to your life♥

I promised myself around New Years, that I would do something new each week(or at least try) and so this week I started the week off with going to a song workshop. Here I got to sing with a group of people, but also sing solo in front of 6 people. it was a bit intimidating, but it was fun and though I will probably never be an amazing singer, I am quite proud of my self that I actually dared to sing solo in front of other people. I totally recommend it♥
Now I need to plan next week´s new thing…
I enjoy being busy again, but I must admit that I am still lacking sleep(maybe it has to do with the weather?) and so I am really look forward to the weekend, which I will be spending at my parents – hoping that their house will be covered with beautiful snow♥
 Take care♥
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Writing routine♥

I have gotten into a good routine in regards to my writing. I need to write every day, at least for 15 minutes. Some days I do not have my computer with me or have a piece of paper close by, and so I just use my phone to write notes on. I find that I can better get into the habit of writing if I make it a kind of a job. Like is it were a real job. So every day (almost) I sit down in front of my computer and write. It can be a blog post, reflections from the day or writing on an actual story. It doesn’t matter, as long as I write something. Improving my art and seeing it go some places. Evolve and inspire myself and others to do more…

If I am not getting anywhere, it helps me to go for a walk, read, do some blogging, talk to a friend or be creative in some other way. Like drawing for instance. I also find that going to a café helps me get inspired.

I finished my first short story ever a couple of days ago. I have always had tons of ideas for stories, and have been trying to write a novel since I can remember, but now I finally managed to finish a short story. It needs rewriting of course. Even though I have a busy weekend ahead of me with level 3 of my coaching training course, preparing for Monday´s project and more job applications to write, I will make some time for re-writing this weekend.

Hope you all have a nice weekend – be sure to make the best of it♥

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt, that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

– Virginia Woolf

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Page One: Inside the New York Times

With all the possibilities the internet provides us with, it is not surprising that a lot of newspapers have been forced to close down. The movie Page One: Inside the New York Times tells the story about how the newspaper industry has changed, and what the internet has meant for it.

One of the things that the movie talks about, is that the publishing industry (And here I am talking books, magazines and newspaper) used to monopolize the publishing area, whereas now everyone with access to the internet can publish whatever they want – just look at the numerous blogs you can find about everything. It is an amazing way to get a creative outlet, tell people about a specific topic or just give them an insight into your world.

A couple of years ago, everyone was talking about how books and newspaper would no longer be in print, but would mainly be read on an e-book reader or online. I thought that they might be right, but not anymore. It seems that even though it is wonderful to have an e-book reader, (I have a kindle for instance) and be able to read your news online, I think a lot of people prefer the print version – especially when it comes to books.

I have been reading a lot about the use of social media as a way to promote my writing, so I found it interesting that this movie mentions Twitter as a tool for journalist as a way to keep up with the demand for a quick information flow. I recently read something similar here and here.

We get tons of information every day, and I think Twitter is a good way to at least get an overview on what is going on. I don´t have a TV, and I rarely buy newspapers unless there is something specific I want to read in them, so I understand why people prefer to read their news online. At the same time I also understand why some newspapers want you to pay for reading their articles online. It makes sense – it is a way for the newspaper industry to implement the changes happening in their industry in a good way.

What is your view on the way the newspaper industry is changing, and which media do you prefer as a way of getting information/news?

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Turning 30

I turned 30 yesteday, and I survived! But I do feel older. I still feel tired after my party saturday, and thought that a bit of monday self- indulgence would be a perfect way to start the week.

Pizza, candlelight, Gilmore Girls and to bed early is needed on a cold, snowing monday like this♥