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The other day, (as I wrote a couple of days ago) I watched a webinar about blogging by the Danish blogger Dorte Lytje. I have written some points down, which may be of use to some of you – I will certainly keep them in mind, when blogging. The points are pretty straightforward:

1)      Make it easy for your readers to follow you!

2)      Make a biography about yourself and add a picture.

3)      Make it easy for your readers to search around on your blog

4)      Find a purpose with your blog. What is that you want to communicate to the world? You need to find your why.

5)      Stay authentic

6)      Choose your keywords wisely.

She talked a lot about commercial blogs, which is not relevant for me but it was an interesting webinar, and I did pick up some tips and ideas.

I really thought a lot about number 5 – stay authentic. It is so easy to “copy” someone else´s way to do things. I wrote about it a while ago. But as long as you write from your heart, from what you can bring to the world, you are authentic, and you do make a difference and inspire others.

I would love you comments on the points listen above – what did you think? She made many more of course, but these were they main points.

Happy friday everyone. I have had a long day preparing for tomorrows dinner, so I will call it an early night♥


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