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Page One: Inside the New York Times

With all the possibilities the internet provides us with, it is not surprising that a lot of newspapers have been forced to close down. The movie Page One: Inside the New York Times tells the story about how the newspaper industry has changed, and what the internet has meant for it.

One of the things that the movie talks about, is that the publishing industry (And here I am talking books, magazines and newspaper) used to monopolize the publishing area, whereas now everyone with access to the internet can publish whatever they want – just look at the numerous blogs you can find about everything. It is an amazing way to get a creative outlet, tell people about a specific topic or just give them an insight into your world.

A couple of years ago, everyone was talking about how books and newspaper would no longer be in print, but would mainly be read on an e-book reader or online. I thought that they might be right, but not anymore. It seems that even though it is wonderful to have an e-book reader, (I have a kindle for instance) and be able to read your news online, I think a lot of people prefer the print version – especially when it comes to books.

I have been reading a lot about the use of social media as a way to promote my writing, so I found it interesting that this movie mentions Twitter as a tool for journalist as a way to keep up with the demand for a quick information flow. I recently read something similar here and here.

We get tons of information every day, and I think Twitter is a good way to at least get an overview on what is going on. I don´t have a TV, and I rarely buy newspapers unless there is something specific I want to read in them, so I understand why people prefer to read their news online. At the same time I also understand why some newspapers want you to pay for reading their articles online. It makes sense – it is a way for the newspaper industry to implement the changes happening in their industry in a good way.

What is your view on the way the newspaper industry is changing, and which media do you prefer as a way of getting information/news?


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