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How Do YOU Define Yourself?

This video has been posted on Facebook, blogs ect. And I finally sat down to watch it the other day. I absolutely loved it! It is no secret that turning 30 has changed some things for me. Kind of like New Year´s I felt like something ended once I could no longer say “I am 29”, but 30 instead. I have been thinking a lot about what I don´t want in my thirties, but also a lot about what I do want.

This video inspired me, because the things Lizzie Velasquez says are so important. Because how do I define myself exactly? I could easily choose to define myself as a 30 year old, unemployed single woman without any prospect of getting a job.

Or I can choose something else. I can choose other words, other sentences that define me: Malene, 30 years old, looking for the perfect job, a writer and someone who does not settle for anything but the best. That does sound a lot better, doesn’t it?

I find Lizzie Velasquez to be a truly amazing inspiring woman and I hope she knows just how much good she is doing, by just being her. And this is something all of us could use to think about, once in a while when things get difficult or when we feel different from other people.

This is my blog post number 100, and I just feel grateful and inspired to continue writing on this blog which has been a great comfort to me several times when I needed to get something of my chest or just needed to remind myself that I do have something to offer, something that can inspire others♥


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