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Still making plans♥

With only 3,5 weeks left of my time as a project employee at “Danske Bank” my mind keeps wandering off, and I find it differcult not to think about what is coming up next. Two things I really don´t like about myself is my tendecy to focus too most on the future instead of just being in the present(I try to change that by meditating) and my inabillity to make a decision and stick to it. Hopefully I can change that too at some point. 
Anyway the last couple of days I have been thinking about what I need instead of what I should do. England is still part of the plan, but I am looking into moving to somewhere outside of London instead. Because I really need some peace and quite. As I am getting older I have noticed that I need to take better care of the introvert part of me, so I will try to listen to that part more. I don´t know if this makes any sense, but hopefully it will at some point. Right now I am trying to find a place to live that is close to a big city – London, Brighton ect. and at the same time can give me the quietness that I need. 
Image If anyone has any ideas on how to stay in the present or how to take better care of the introvert part of you, please let me know♥

2 thoughts on “Still making plans♥

  1. I agree, it is a great read – I love her book and her blog for that matter 🙂 It is really great that there is more and more focus on how it is to be an introvert in an extravert world.

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