Happy Audrey Hepburn day!


Today Audrey Hepburn could have turned 85 years old. She died in 1993, far too young.

I am huge fan, and was very pleased to see that google celebrates her birthday as well♥

Hope you are all enjoying your sunday – I am spending my day writing job applications, drinking tea, watching Pride and Prejudice and enjoying the sun♥



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A thing you should know about me♥

This blogpost is dedicated to dreamers everywhere.

My friends knows that I am capable of changing my mind quite often, because I can see opportunities in almost everything. I realised a couple a weeks ago that I actually like my life where it is right now. I love my home and the people around me. I am making new friends, opening myself up to new experiences like going dancing without having one single drink, listening to music I don´t normally listen to and so on.

Most people changes a lot during a lifetime. But I have changed so much the last 6 months, that I can hardly recognize myself. My view on things has changed, my view on my family and the way I grew up has changed. I actually have a very kind, loving family and now I realise that my parents did the best they could what with they knew, and they still do. I thought that I wanted to seek happiness outside of my own country. I thought happiness was in another country, but is is not(unless a mr.Darcy kind of man happens to come by and whisk my off to England), so I am staying in Denmark. I am not going to give up. I have this feeling that either a job or something else will turn up very soon and I am more and more dreaming about creating a business of my own. And dreams is what we all need right? As long as we actually plan on doing something about these dreams it is just as it should be.

Oh but of course I miss London so much. And Paris too. This is just the most perfect time of the year to visit both cities, and though I long to travel (I have not been anywhere since june last year!), I know it most wait.

This is my first blogpost in more then a month, and I have for a couple of weeks known that something was missing. Writing is an important part of my life and no matter how much I change, I don´t think that ever will. Maybe I will never write that book, maybe I will. But write I must no matter what.

In june I finish the first year of my education as a coach & therapist and right now I am working on an assignment for it, which is to be handed in at june 1st. I have had a hard time figuring out what to write, but I seem to have gotten a hold on the assignment and should finish it sometime this weekend.


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Have a nice weekend dear readers, and remember to laugh, dance, paint, write or what ever else comes to mind that you love to do