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Why I started this blog – and other stuff

I have been feeling guilty for a while. Guilty because I could not come up with anything amazing and inspiring to tell you – or show you for that matter. I think I just to remember why I started this blog in the first place. I started it because I wanted to share things that I myself would like to read. It matters to me that there are people who reads what I have to say, and when I seem to be stuck in a place where I cannot come up with anything that at least a few people can use, I have no idea what to write. But the thing is I don’t know what other people need or what to hear at the exact moment I want to say or write it. So I might as well put it out there when it comes, instead of spending endless time wondering if it is good enough.

Good things is definitely happening at the moment and I would like to share them with you:


I got a job! Not a permanent one, just for the summer and for most of October. But at least it’s a job that pays and has slightly something to do with my degree from university. Not much, but a bit. I will be spending the summer in the west part of Denmark, working at a museum dressed up as Viking as part of a Viking festival happening at the museum. I will be living close to the museum in my parents’ caravan, and for the first time ever living almost on my own. I still have to share a bathroom and a kitchen with others, but I will seem kind of like I have my own place J I will be sure to show you some pictures once I get to the area in a couple of weeks. It is supposed to be quite beautiful there, and if the weather is good it will be the perfect summer vacation/work place.

2) I am finishing the first year of my coaching degree on Sunday – yeah! It has been an exciting journey, and I cannot wait for year two .

3) I just volunteered at the Northside festival in Aarhus, and it was a really good experience despite the fact that I sprained my ankle just before the festival started and had to go home a bit before I intended. But I got to see Franz Ferdinand which was why I wanted to go in the first place. Next year I intend to stay the whole festival through!

4) The summer has been wonderful so far. I have gotten so tanned 🙂

5) I am feeling more and more secure in whom I am and what I want out of life, and though I constantly seem to meet people who want to challenge me on that, I am just grateful that I am stubborn enough to keep going.

6) There seems to be a lot of wonderful books out there I have read yet – and I am bringing some of them with me at my new workplace.

I promise to share more from my life more often that I have been doing lately♥


oh and this is me – climbing a tree ♥


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