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Getting ready for summer

I have spend most of this week packing and buying stuff I need for the summer. I have rented out my room so I needed to pack most of my stuff, including my beloved books 🙂

Besides working this summer, I have plans that include lots and lots of reading (I am taking 38 books with me – and still thinking that it is not enough. I never know what I will be in the mood for right?), writing, yoga, meditation, long walks by the sea and good food.

Last week I finished level 6, and by that the first year of the coaching course I am taking. I am not sure I can afford to continue next year, but I really hope so. On the last day of the course we made a visionboard, which should illustrate what we want out of life. This including love, career, travel ect. I will take a picture of mine and show it to you another time.

A vision board is the perfect way to manifest your dreams and hopes for the future. As this quote rightly says:“Where we place our attention is what we will create for ourselves”.  I look at mine everyday, and I am bringing it with me tomorrow, because I keeps me focused and It is amazing to see how many of the things on my vision board(or a dream board as I noticed someone call it on pinterest – wonderful word!) that I already have as a big part of my life and what goals I want to achive. I will also keep af box or a folder with more pictures and words to put on another vision board in order to keep it updated with more dreams and goals. It is the perfect tool for a dreamer like me ♥

This page also give some good ideas on how to make a vision board.

Another great tool is using the Disney strategy where you deal with all aspects of your dream – from just being a dreamer where you dream the most amasing possible or impossible things to the realist and ending with the critic which is there to make sure that every part of your dream is thought through and ready to go! Read more about it here


Found on pinterest.

Happy dreaming – and remember to dream big and then do something about it♥



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