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Notebooks and newfound inspiration

Dear readers

We are almost in august and so much has happened since I last posted something. I have made a lot of new friends, is getting totally in to all this viking stuff and has started writing again. I really like my job and all that comes with it, so I have started to sew my own summer dress and though I am only just learning how to make a dress I find it quite fun actually and can not wait to see the result.

The weather has been very warm lately. Its been a bit to much I think, so I am really glad that I live close to the water and that it is getting a bit colder. I work around a fire all day, so I don´t mind it being less warm that it has been the last week. And I loved all the rain and the thunder we got a couple of days ago. It was needed. It is very dry everywhere and the fields desperately needed it and hopefully we will get more soon.

Last Monday, a new viking volunteer moved into own little camp (we are about 9 people who live her untill september. The camp is just across the road from where we work). She left a couple of days ago, so she was not here for that long. However, she inspired me in so many ways, so I am really greatfull that I got to meet her, and glad that she will probably be coming back in a few weeks. She is 11 years younger then me, but still managed to inspire me to write something else then I normally write;

I have always been a huge fan of fantasy but have never dared to write something. Though I am not happy to admit it, I have always consindered fantasy books to be less important than for instance a classic. I could not bring myself to write fantasy because it was not good enough. The thought of me telling people that I want to publish a fantasy book – I could not imagine anything worse. So I tried to write other things, that were more appropriate. It sounds very arrogant. And it is.

However my reason for not wanting to experiment with that genre, was that I cared just a tad to much about what other people thought. When I met someone who was very open about her love of fantasy and told me about the story she wanted to write, I got so inspired that I started to create my own fantasy world. Right now I am slowly building the world by creating the characters, the landscape and the overall theme of the story. To be more inspired, my plan is to dive into the fantasy world again by reading Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and newfound fantasy books by Patrick Rothfuss and Robin Hobb.

WriterI am a big fan of notebooks as a way of collected ideas and so every time I get an idea in relation to this story I write it in here. I get easily inspired at the moment, and even being outside on a starry night was something I could use.

Hope you enjoyed this post – Is there something that you are holding back doing because you think other people might judge you? Please don´t be afraid to share it with me. You might inspire someone else♥

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Marie Forleo

I recently discovered Marie Forleo and has just been watching a couple of her videos. I really enjoy her videos, and I can highly recommned them if you are interested in business or just getting inspired to make your own videos. She has a very unique way of making a funny yet informative video.

I have been working for the last 5 days and is working for the 5, so I am really enjoying my day off. I will tell you more about how the life as a viking is coming along another time – hopefully I will have some photos to show you as well.