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It’s beginning to look a lot like..

Summer seem to be almost gone. It would seem like it has been replaced by autumn. My favorite month of the year is September, because of the possibility of semi warm days, the need and want for hot beverages like tea, cacao and coffee, warmer clothes, how the scenery from summer to autumn is slowly changing and how every day is one step closer to Christmas.  After Christmas I again start to long for better weather. I am not a summer person though. I don’t function well when there is more than 25 degrees. I love spring though. Like Anne of Green Gables so famously said;  “That is one good thing about this world. . .there are always sure to be more springs.” This is a great comfort when it is too cold to do anything besides cuddle up with a warm blanket, a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. Which doesn’t sound too bad at all actually.

I am not working today, and I cannot express how much I needed a day off. I have worked every day since the beginning of august, and can therefore safely say that I have earned a day off. I don’t really have any plans besides spending some time alone and doing some practical stuff like washing my clothes. This leaves time for reading, browsing the internet and buying books and other things online. When I get back home to my parents in 10 days, I expect there to be boxes and packages waiting for me ♥ This also means getting new inspiration for christmas wishes. I know it is still four months away, but I never have any idea what I want for Christmas, beside spending time with family and friends. This year however, I seem to have a lot, which will make my mother happy ♥

When is your favorite time of the year? And why?

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Thoughts about changing the name of my blog

The last couple of weeks I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. I know it is a risk to take, because I could lose some of my dear readers, and the name I have now is so beautiful and suits my blog. And I know some professional bloggers might advice me not to, so I will think about for a little while longer.

I know that I don´t blog as often as I promised. However, I have been working everyday since the beginning of august so I am really tired when I finally have some time for myself. This new viking hobby of mine takes a lot of time at the moment, because I am sewing different kinds of clothes and trying to learn neddlebinding as well. All my evenings are pretty much filled with either that or social activities. I will be home again in less the two weeks, which will mean rest, sleep and time to do other stuff.

I might post something before that, but just in case I thought I might give you a heads up.

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Courtesy of Pinterest.