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Sunday is a good day for…

I spend a wonderful day yesterday with my family, and I am glad I went though I still have a very annoying cold. Today seems to be a rainy day, so I will spend the day indoors.

When I graduated last year I was feeling many different things. Happy, relieved, sad, scared and confused. It was scary to enter a whole new world where nothing was decided and everything could happy, but at the same time I was relieved that I had no more exams to attend, no more papers to write… But I must admit that sometimes I miss it, and consider going back to university to do another degree. However it is probably for the best that I don´t. I know that what I miss is the social aspect of it and the learning part of it. I love learning new things. I love write clever (well not always clever) thoughts in my notebooks, and I loved researching and preparing for the writing of another paper. But fortunately I can do that without going back to university. The other day I signed up for at course through coursera, called Modern & Contemporary American Poetry, and started yesterday. Though I never did read a lot of poetry, I am looking forward to learn more about a topic which is so unfamiliar to me, though not totally foreign. So that is how I will be spending my sunday, in between writing a couple of job applications and reading Terry Pratchett´s “The Wee Tree Men”.

unnamed (1)stuyding

A pretty notebook is needed for studying poetry.


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