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“I haven’t done that before, so I am sure I can do it!”

Pippi said that, and I try as much as I can to live by these words. Especially at this moment, as I am looking into dealing with one of the biggest challenges I have ever dealt with before. Financially things are definitely not going as well as they should and I am trying all I can, to figure out a solution to the problem. Or challenge. I better stick to the word challenge – within the coaching world it is a lot better to call it that instead of a problem. Words have a deeper impact on us then we think, so the way we speak about something plays a big part in how we react to the situation or approach something. Though most of it is unconsciously and therefore hard to detect, on less you really examine yourself and the words you choose. I just found a job that I really want, and I know that I am going to apply for it, but since I do not live up to everything they want a 100%, I kind of doubt that I will get it. Which is definitely not the way to approach it, so I have to work on that part before applying. Somehow I think they can just smell it or read it between the lines or something; “She is not confident that she can do the job – we are not hiring her!”.


How can I get a job if I don’t even believe that I can do it, or at least learn to do it, myself?


Fingers crossed, I am applying for that job!


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