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NaNoWriMo – Almost there♥

Today is the day before November 1st. I am getting ready to emerge myself into writing. I am excited, worried and happy. It is going to be amazing and really frustrating. I might not make it. I might crack after a week. I might not get pass 5000 words, but I will try my hardest. My November will be filled with a lot more than writing, but it will still be a top priority.

Tomorrow I am going to a birthday in the afternoon, so I will try to get my word count done in the morning. I have to prepare you (or warn you, depend on how you look at it), November will probably only be about the NaNoWriMo event, so I hope you are ready for it? Along the way, I will also post some of the vlogs I watch during the month in regards to this event.

The one in this post is on how to improve your writing, and what I really like about the video is that it revolves around the language itself. For instance, she (Katytastic) warns against using passive voice too much, and to be aware, not to write too much about emotions! She angrily went outside… Especially here, you need to show don’t tell. Both advices I personally need to think about while writing. I might not be able to avoid it all the time, since the story for the NaNoWriMo event, will only be a first draft. The editing will come afterwards (which I have never been good at, and this is usually the point where I give up – but not this year though!).

Last night I decided on a story, and started writing something down about the main character. Today, I will see if I can outline some of the story. I do not have the whole plot figured out though, so I will just see how far I get, and take it as it comes. Usually I work a bit different. I normally just get an idea and then sit down and write. But it is always good to improve where you can, and since one of my biggest problems is to actually finish a story(starting it is a whole other matter, I have no problems there), it is probably a good idea to outline the story as much as possible. I can always change it as I go a long.

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So as you might remember, I signed up for the NaNoWriMo event here in November, where I have to write 50.000 words in 30 days, and though it has not started yet I am already completely stressed! I have no clue what to write and had not given it much thought until yesterday, where I received a mail about the event. In the mail they recommend that you write your idea on their website before November 1st, and I just thought that I would see where inspiration would lead me once we hit November. But I do not feel inspired. I just feel stressed!

I have been writing some things down, ideas and thoughts, but they all sound rubbish and definitely not like something that could be any good.

Sorry for my rant, I suspect it will be better on Saturday when I sit down to write the first 1667 words, which is the amount of words I have to write every day in order to reach the 50.000 words. Of course, I know that once I get into the flow of things I get easily write more than 1667 words pr. day.

To keep myself inspired and motivated and as part of my survival kit, I will watch different vlogs on youtube. I especially found this one funny:

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the last couple of days in pictures ♥

Sometimes pictures say a lot more the words 

Lone Hørslev

Attended a reading by Lone Hørslev at the Kristian F. Møllers bookstore – read more about the event here (its in danish! I´m actually on the picture in the article. I am on the second row and sitting behind some lady, so you can´t really see me that well, but I´m blond and wearing a purple jacket)

 I can do this

I am not sure what this refers to, but I like it anyway.

christmas already

It is Christmas already – jubii!


Out playing with a dog called Buller 

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Renée Zellweger

Renée Zellweger has been quite the subject lately. Having undergone plastic surgery she has become a subject of ridicule by some, and gotten the respect to decide for herself from others. I have always been a big fan of Renee Zellweger and I have always found her to be a very beautiful woman, more natural then so many others, and I was sad to see her change her look so drastically. However, I know how much pressure there is on women to look good all the time, and even more so for women who are in the spotlight a lot of the time, and I have no other then the fullest respect for her decision.

I must say though that I am again plastic surgery overall, I just think that everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions in life, and figure out what is best for them. This goes for all aspects of life; I myself have been forced to explain many of my decisions in regards to not wanting to have children, becoming a vegetarian and why I am a feminist. It is clearly by no means the same thing as Renée Zellweger is going through, but the gist is the same; Having to defend and explain yourselves and your decisions because other people think they are allowed to demand answers.



It is tough being different or making choices that are unusual but staying true to yourself will earn you respect from the people who are worth it ♥ 

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Change of scenery ♥

I have changed my blog (again) just a tad. I found that, though I really liked it the way it looked before, I think this is more me in a way. It was also me before, but now it is more me (hope it makes sense).

Today have been work as usual, but today I got good news from back home; My sister´s dog just got a puppy (yes a puppy, she only got one), apparently nobody had realised she was pregnant (they all thought it was a fake pregency, which has happened before), and today she gave birth to a girl puppy. Both mom and puppy are doing fine. I can not wait to see her 

Hope you are all enjoying October, I sure am – though I wish it would stop raining all the time.

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The last couple of years I have had no idea what to wish for, for Christmas, and often ended up getting money instead of “real” presents. Money is never a bad thing to get, but it is really not the same as getting presents you can unwrap one by one, as you secretly hope that you have gotten everything you wished for. Or is that just me? I might be turning 31 soon, but I will probably never stop behaving as a child when it comes to Christmas, which is by far my favorite time of the year.

I do not have that many wishes, but I think these are presents that I will enjoy for a very long time;       krus      Pen       hjemmesko      billedhuggerensdatter     greengate-tekop-teacup-coco-white      te dåse

I have four days left at the museum, and though I have enjoyed my time here I´m really looking forward to going back home. Living in a caravan is fun for a while, but I miss my home ♥ 

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I got travel on my mind

Lately Paris and London has been on my mind quite a lot. I feel so homesick some times for both cities and I really want to pack a suitcase and get on the next train to Paris as soon as possible. But no can do for quite some time. Money is this annoying thing that is really important some times, particularly for travelling which can be done cheap. but not free. A friend (and housemate for a little while yet) send me this link last night, and that made me miss Paris even more. Paris is always a good idea, also this time of the year. On the 30th this month, it will be 2 years ago since I moved to Paris and stayed there for almost 4 months. It is a dangerous thing to do, you could end up getting Paris on your mind, and that is something that is very hard to get rid of again. Which is what the link is all about; Paris will destroy you in a sense, because you will never be the same once you have been there, lived among the parisians and experienced the beauty of the city. Dont go there if you are not prepared for the consequences. go there anyway okay? ♥

audrey hepburn

Found here


Found here

kanako kuno

By Kanako Kuno ♥

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In about 4 hours the Dewey´s Read-A-Thon will start, and I am starting with Sommerbogen (the summer Book) by Tove Jansson which I got in september, and have been looking forward to reading ever since. As promised I will keep you updated here during the day, and on my instagram profile ♥ 

its called reading

Its 6pm and I am making dinner. I have not read as much as I wanted too at this point, but overall its going okay. I did not start reading at 2 as planned, because I meet some friends on the train and so my plan was delayed a bit. However, soon as they were gone I started reading “Sommerbogen” which I am really enjoying. I am currently on page 142 and hope to finish it soon. Hope you are all having fun and reading some amazing books 🙂

08.15pm. I finished the first book, and is currently on page 62 in “Stop what you´re doing and read this!”. A book about books is always a good idea. I have tried to choose books from different genres, so I would not get bored. I like both the books I have read/I´m reading so far, so that is not a problem at the moment. It might be in 3 hours though 🙂

09.21. I´m currently on page 120 in book number 2, and is still enjoying it very much. Not all the essays are equally amazing, but most of them are really good. The essays untill now revolves around different subjects, while still discussing the same object; the book. There are essays on libraries and how important they are, on “Read – a-loud- groups”  – reading groups where the leader reads out loud, and essays on reading books that we really don´t like though they are supposed to be great literature. I am fan I must say 🙂

 10.39: I finished my second book, and just started the third one; “This is a love story”. The book has the most beautiful cover ever, and though I have only read the first few pages it seems promising. However I am a bit to tired to read anymore tonight, so I will go to bed in a little while and then get up early tomorrow and read as much as possible before work.

 Hope you are all enjoying your evening/day no matter what you are doing and where you are♥ 

So the Read-a-thon is over and the next one will be in april. I only managed to read 390 pages, but I am still satisfied because I read them during a period of 6-7 hours reading overall. Sleeping sure does take up a lot of time 🙂

I had so much fun reading and following other readers on twitter, instagram and other blogs. Can not wait until next time!

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A week of reading

This week, I have four days of, and what better way to spend them then reading and drinking tea.

tea is like a hug

                                                                                      found here

On saturday I am attending the Dewey´s Readathon which is an event that will bring people from all over the world together in reading for 24 hours. All kinds of readers will update their progress on different social medias and I will do the same here on the blog and on instagram. In my part of the world it starts at 2pm, and though I will be sitting on a train going back to the museum at this time, because I´m working on sunday, I´m still planning to start reading at exactly 2pm.

I plan to read the following books, and then I have some others on hand if I finish these. I will probably not read all night, since I have to be at work the next day, but I still plan to read as much as possible. I am looking forward to reading the three first books for the first time, and to a reunion with Bridget Jones.

Elsk dit hjem

Elsk dit hjem (Love your home) – a beautiful book about decorating your home in a way that makes you love it and feel good about being there. I spend part of yesterday reading it and looking at the beautiful photos. Read more about it here.

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My to do list for November

hallo november

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I find that writing down my goals and plans helps me focus on reaching them. It might have to do with the fact that I love to do lists and love crossing things of my list. I always have things I want to do, but these projects are of the more substantial kind and will take more effort and a kick in the right direction once in a while.

Participate in NaNoWriMo. The rules are that you have to write 50.000 words in a month, and then submit your story by the end of it. I imagine it to be a really good way to creating a habit of writing evey day and a way to meet other people who has the same interest and passion for writing. You can read more about it here.

Finish sewing two Viking dresses. Something which have been hanging over my head since July.

Getting ready to move once again. I am moving again to a cheaper place in the city, saving money on rent and transport, which is really needed. I am really eager to have the perfect room this time. Well perfect in the sense, that I don’t want to bring a 1000 things I don’t really need, and spend time decorating it so it is a place that I want to be, and that inspires me to be creative.

Preparing for Christmas; Buying presents, baking cookies and buying Christmas Candy 🙂

Go for a walk every day if possible. I am going to live not far from a very beautiful area in Aarhus. It’s close to the sea, a forest and an area with small cute shops. November is my least favorite month, but I think that I will like it better, if I make sure to spend more time outside.

I will finish my coaching degree next summer (hopefully), and this month I will finish level 7. Time flies by so fast.  I can´t really grasp the idea that I started more than a year ago and that I am almost finished.

November also means editorial meeting (I will tell you more about it after the meeting), reading, hanging out with friends, more applications to write and creative projects.

 Do you have any special plans or projects you want to work on in November/this autumn?

November poem

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