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Identity and inspirational quotes

I have been thinking a lot about identity lately. My own that is. How I define myself, and (unfortunately) how others define me. What categories do I below to? I am a lot of different things – a woman, a vegetarian, a traveler etc. But one thing that I feel define me more than anything else (though it shouldn´t) is the fact that I don´t have a job. When I meet a new person, one of the first things he or she asks is; what do you do? And I do the same. But why? Is our occupation really that important? Wouldn’t it be better to ask someone – what do you dream about? Or, if you had one wish you could be granted tomorrow – what would it be? A bit to personal perhaps? So my identity is above all, to be unemployed or? I had a job interview the other day. I didn’t get the job though, which is okay. It wasn’t my dream job or anything. But I would still like to be able to say – hey everybody, I got a job. And I can’t wait to start. It will happen eventually, and right now I am not without work. I am back in Viking world until the end of October. And I am pretty sure that I have a job here next summer, so that is good. But what is going to happen in the meantime? It is not like I don’t have anything to do all day – plenty going here, what with my coaching degree, writing applications, excise, and networking and so….So is that my identity. It’s what I do after all. It’s the whole me, and not just someone who has a job and that is it. Because that is how a lot of us tend to introduce ourselves to the world around us. I am good citizen, I have a job, I pay my taxes on time etc. It would be nice though to could be able to add that to the description of me…My name is Malene, I work as a ? And I like to write, read, travel etc. My dream is to write a book and could I be granted one wish tomorrow, it would be peace on earth.

Which category do you fit? How would you introduce yourself?

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Thank you Pinterest – the place to be if you want to be inspired.


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