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I really like the job I have right now. I get to dress up as a Viking every day, how cool is that? The dresses are long, pretty and comfortable to wear. I love it! Today at work (I had the day off, but decided to show up anyway. I am staying across the road so I might as well. And it is always nice to see the people I work with), Red Cross was there. About 70 regugees from Syria is staying at summer houses and camping sites nearby, and today they all went for a field trip to the museum. It was very inspiring to see how happy they all were. How they enjoyed making a bread, that to me is not that exciting anymore since I have done it so many times, even the adults found it funny. They were so sweet, wanting to take photos all the time. It was a good experience, and I am really grateful that the Red Cross is able to give them a day of enjoyment. At the same time I am really sad for them, because I know the reason why they are here, and I know that it will take a long time before they are able to go back to their own country. I hope that they find comfort in their stay here in Denmark, and that it helps them, even a little bit.

It makes me grateful though, to live in a country that is so safe, and where I have all the possibilities in the world.


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