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My to do list for November

hallo november

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I find that writing down my goals and plans helps me focus on reaching them. It might have to do with the fact that I love to do lists and love crossing things of my list. I always have things I want to do, but these projects are of the more substantial kind and will take more effort and a kick in the right direction once in a while.

Participate in NaNoWriMo. The rules are that you have to write 50.000 words in a month, and then submit your story by the end of it. I imagine it to be a really good way to creating a habit of writing evey day and a way to meet other people who has the same interest and passion for writing. You can read more about it here.

Finish sewing two Viking dresses. Something which have been hanging over my head since July.

Getting ready to move once again. I am moving again to a cheaper place in the city, saving money on rent and transport, which is really needed. I am really eager to have the perfect room this time. Well perfect in the sense, that I don’t want to bring a 1000 things I don’t really need, and spend time decorating it so it is a place that I want to be, and that inspires me to be creative.

Preparing for Christmas; Buying presents, baking cookies and buying Christmas Candy 🙂

Go for a walk every day if possible. I am going to live not far from a very beautiful area in Aarhus. It’s close to the sea, a forest and an area with small cute shops. November is my least favorite month, but I think that I will like it better, if I make sure to spend more time outside.

I will finish my coaching degree next summer (hopefully), and this month I will finish level 7. Time flies by so fast.  I can´t really grasp the idea that I started more than a year ago and that I am almost finished.

November also means editorial meeting (I will tell you more about it after the meeting), reading, hanging out with friends, more applications to write and creative projects.

 Do you have any special plans or projects you want to work on in November/this autumn?

November poem

Found on Pinterest


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