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In about 4 hours the Dewey´s Read-A-Thon will start, and I am starting with Sommerbogen (the summer Book) by Tove Jansson which I got in september, and have been looking forward to reading ever since. As promised I will keep you updated here during the day, and on my instagram profile ♥ 

its called reading

Its 6pm and I am making dinner. I have not read as much as I wanted too at this point, but overall its going okay. I did not start reading at 2 as planned, because I meet some friends on the train and so my plan was delayed a bit. However, soon as they were gone I started reading “Sommerbogen” which I am really enjoying. I am currently on page 142 and hope to finish it soon. Hope you are all having fun and reading some amazing books 🙂

08.15pm. I finished the first book, and is currently on page 62 in “Stop what you´re doing and read this!”. A book about books is always a good idea. I have tried to choose books from different genres, so I would not get bored. I like both the books I have read/I´m reading so far, so that is not a problem at the moment. It might be in 3 hours though 🙂

09.21. I´m currently on page 120 in book number 2, and is still enjoying it very much. Not all the essays are equally amazing, but most of them are really good. The essays untill now revolves around different subjects, while still discussing the same object; the book. There are essays on libraries and how important they are, on “Read – a-loud- groups”  – reading groups where the leader reads out loud, and essays on reading books that we really don´t like though they are supposed to be great literature. I am fan I must say 🙂

 10.39: I finished my second book, and just started the third one; “This is a love story”. The book has the most beautiful cover ever, and though I have only read the first few pages it seems promising. However I am a bit to tired to read anymore tonight, so I will go to bed in a little while and then get up early tomorrow and read as much as possible before work.

 Hope you are all enjoying your evening/day no matter what you are doing and where you are♥ 

So the Read-a-thon is over and the next one will be in april. I only managed to read 390 pages, but I am still satisfied because I read them during a period of 6-7 hours reading overall. Sleeping sure does take up a lot of time 🙂

I had so much fun reading and following other readers on twitter, instagram and other blogs. Can not wait until next time!


9 thoughts on “DEWEY’S READ-A-THON

  1. Happy read-a-thon to you, Malene! Here’s some cheer. 🙂 You can meet whatever goal you set for yourself, but most importantly, have so much fun today!


  2. Hey Malene it’s great to see you’re enjoying yourself and I hope that you have a fun time today! I hope you have fun with your books and remember (I say this a lot but it’s the truth) It’s the spirit that counts not the pages so as long as you had fun you did good. Happy read-a-thon!
    -Your very excited team Marquez

  3. You’re doing great! Congrats on finishing 2 books already! I hope you’re having a lot of fun, because really, that’s the most important thing. Good luck, and I hope the rest of your readathon is great!

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