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NaNoWriMo – Almost there♥

Today is the day before November 1st. I am getting ready to emerge myself into writing. I am excited, worried and happy. It is going to be amazing and really frustrating. I might not make it. I might crack after a week. I might not get pass 5000 words, but I will try my hardest. My November will be filled with a lot more than writing, but it will still be a top priority.

Tomorrow I am going to a birthday in the afternoon, so I will try to get my word count done in the morning. I have to prepare you (or warn you, depend on how you look at it), November will probably only be about the NaNoWriMo event, so I hope you are ready for it? Along the way, I will also post some of the vlogs I watch during the month in regards to this event.

The one in this post is on how to improve your writing, and what I really like about the video is that it revolves around the language itself. For instance, she (Katytastic) warns against using passive voice too much, and to be aware, not to write too much about emotions! She angrily went outside… Especially here, you need to show don’t tell. Both advices I personally need to think about while writing. I might not be able to avoid it all the time, since the story for the NaNoWriMo event, will only be a first draft. The editing will come afterwards (which I have never been good at, and this is usually the point where I give up – but not this year though!).

Last night I decided on a story, and started writing something down about the main character. Today, I will see if I can outline some of the story. I do not have the whole plot figured out though, so I will just see how far I get, and take it as it comes. Usually I work a bit different. I normally just get an idea and then sit down and write. But it is always good to improve where you can, and since one of my biggest problems is to actually finish a story(starting it is a whole other matter, I have no problems there), it is probably a good idea to outline the story as much as possible. I can always change it as I go a long.


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