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Spring is here ♥

hallo spring

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I have recently started a new habit; Every Sunday I write down what I want to focus on the coming week. This week my focus was my future, long walks, spending time outdoors, yoga and spending time with friends and family. I find that it actually works, because when we focus on something that is usually what we get. So I thought that I might expand the idea a bit, and take a look at what I want to do this spring, and to make it a bit more structured I will first look at April, and then at May.


This month I want to continue spending a lot of time outside, this includes long walks in the forest and to the beach. I will also continue to do yoga at least 3 times a week. This month I need to focus on an assignment which is to be handed in on May 15th.

I want to finish reading Middlemarch, and continue writing on the story I just started. I am also participating in a read-a-thon for the second time.

My focus this month will also be on my friends, since I have been spending way too much time alone lately, because I been too tired (or sick) to do anything besides working and attending yoga class.


This month I will continue to focus on writing and being creative. I am attending a one day writing workshop this month, and I hope to come back with loads of inspiration. May will be another month where I will spend a lot time outside and hopefully this month I will be able to go horseback riding, I haven’t done that for a very long time. This month will also be filled with yoga, and hopefully more time in the company of friends and family.

I will still do this weekly, as I can’t focus on all of these things each week, but it is a good way to get clear about what is important to me right now.


From Pinterest 


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