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So the last time I posted something was in april, and now it is october

It is apparently not going so well with my promise to write more frequently.

Since april I have participated in two writing workshops, been to Germany, dressed up as a viking serveral times, can now call myself a coach and therapist (still waiting for the exam papers to come though), and getting ready to move once again. I earn enough money now to have my very own appartment. The problem though is 1) I have to leave my current place in about a month, and 2) I have not yet found a place to stay. Of course I´am very privileged, because I have friends and family who always have room for me 

In may I went back to school to study something that might actually get me a job in the end, and there a loads of fantastic things about this education; its meaningful, I learn so much, I enjoy getting up in the morning and I get paid a decent salary every month. The problem is though I´am pretty sure that that is not want to do with my life either. I just wished I knew what it was.

So at the moment I´m like this:
I don´t even have a pla

But also hopeful because of people like this: