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December Appreciations


When I lived in Paris, I was following a blog by a Danish girl who also lived in Paris at the time. Unfortunately, the blog does not exist anymore, but I remember she used to make monthly appreciations, which inspired me to (finally) do the same.

My list of appreciations will fall into different categories, which applies to my interests and me. She also included magazines, but as I rarely read magazines, it would not make sense to include those.

Blog:  Emily Salomon. In Danish but with English recap.

Music: Simon and Garfunkel

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith

Movie: I rarely watch movies, but I recently saw some of The Devil Wears Prada( I have seen before), so I think I will include that as a favorite movie this month. I did not manage to get to the movies to watch Star Wars.

TV show: New Girl

Place: My old home, a collective (shared house, co-housing? I must admit I do not really know the english word for it) which is like a second family/home to me.

Fashion Item: A red hat, bought second hand

Food: Pomegranate and vegan chocolate based on rice milk.

Favorite purchase: A Canon Camera

Favorite podcast: In Danish, Michelle Hvid talking to Andrea Hejlskov. Andrea Hejlskov lives pretty much of the grid in Sweden with her family. She also has a blog, and have written a book about her life in Sweden. Furthermore, she went to Paris during the COP21, where she was part of the coverage of the activist movement. I am a big fan of Andrea, and enjoyed the podcast very much. Her blog is in English, you can read it here.


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