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Time to changes some things

I love my blog, and anyone who have read whatever I had to say, and I have for the longest time prefered to write in english because it made sense at the time. But now I have decided to start writing in danish instead and see how that goes. I could start another blog in danish of course, but I really like the fact that this blog has some kind of history. That I can scroll through earlier posts, and indulge in memories about the time I lived in Paris for instance. And though I am a very private person, I like the fact that it is out there for anyone to read and maybe get inspiration from  

But I hope you stick around no matter what, though I totally understand it if you decide not to.

Sincerely and all my best

Oh by the way, something I should tell you about my London trip; I got to see Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman on stage together – truely one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me


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