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Writing Letters

When I was younger, I used to write tons of letters. I have had penpals from all over the world, and loved it every time I received a letter from one of them. This was especially important because it made me feel a lot less lonely. I did not have many friends growing up, but I am glad that I was able to find friends elsewhere. In letters as well in books. Words definitely had a major influence on me, and though I might have been lonely at home and at school, I found a lot of comfort in words, that made characters in books and the people who wrote letters to me (even though I hadn’t met them in real life), come to life.


I think that is partly why the internet is so important to a lot people, it’s an easy way to connect to people who are on the other side of the world, and can maybe make you feel less disconnected and less lonely. I sure was grateful for it the times I lived outside of Denmark. Today I have many friends, but a lot of the time I prefer being by myself, and the internet can help me still feel close to the people I care about. Nothing beats a normal conversation with people though, so the internet will never come close to replacing that.

Anyway, this was not supposed to be about the internet, but about letter writing, which to me seems like a kind of lost art. One of the things I want to do this year is to write more letters, so finding a penpal or two will be fantastic! There must be people out there who still likes an old-fashioned letter in the mailbox?




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December Appreciations


When I lived in Paris, I was following a blog by a Danish girl who also lived in Paris at the time. Unfortunately, the blog does not exist anymore, but I remember she used to make monthly appreciations, which inspired me to (finally) do the same.

My list of appreciations will fall into different categories, which applies to my interests and me. She also included magazines, but as I rarely read magazines, it would not make sense to include those.

Blog:  Emily Salomon. In Danish but with English recap.

Music: Simon and Garfunkel

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith

Movie: I rarely watch movies, but I recently saw some of The Devil Wears Prada( I have seen before), so I think I will include that as a favorite movie this month. I did not manage to get to the movies to watch Star Wars.

TV show: New Girl

Place: My old home, a collective (shared house, co-housing? I must admit I do not really know the english word for it) which is like a second family/home to me.

Fashion Item: A red hat, bought second hand

Food: Pomegranate and vegan chocolate based on rice milk.

Favorite purchase: A Canon Camera

Favorite podcast: In Danish, Michelle Hvid talking to Andrea Hejlskov. Andrea Hejlskov lives pretty much of the grid in Sweden with her family. She also has a blog, and have written a book about her life in Sweden. Furthermore, she went to Paris during the COP21, where she was part of the coverage of the activist movement. I am a big fan of Andrea, and enjoyed the podcast very much. Her blog is in English, you can read it here.

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Happy 2016!

Happy New Year 

Today I read in a book (Just Kids, by Patti Smith – read it, I think you will enjoy it!) , that what you do the 1st of January defines the rest of the year. I think that you can always, and not only on the 1st day of the year, do something that will define that specific day, or you at that moment, or the rest of the year for that matter. Only oneself can decide that, but at the same time there is something about doing something you like at this very day, where we welcome the new year as a fresh start, a new beginning 

I got up pretty late, but then went for a long walk. The weather was really warm for this time of the year, and for a moment I just stood in the sun enjoying the stillness and the fact that I did not have anything I had to do at that moment. In a time where almost everyone brags about how busy they are all the time, I thought that bragging about how little I did today was much better. Later today I went for another walk, this time bringing along my camera. The lightning was just perfect today, and I got the perfect chance to play around with my camera ♥ 

PicMonkey Collage.jpg 1.januar

At this moment I am procrastinating a lot. I am suppose to study for an exam on Tuesday, so I better get to it.

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Merry Christmas ♥

PicMonkey Collage.jpgtypewriter.jpg


I hope your Christmas was fun and relaxing and that you were able to spend some time with friends and family. I enjoyed my Christmas to the fullest, but is totally ready for it to be over, and to welcome 2016.

My Christmas presents were just what I wanted (a very beautiful red hat, money and books (Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman, Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso and Round The Christmas Fire – stories by Charles Dickens, Edith Wharton ect.)).

I just signed up for a photography course in January, which I am really looking forward to, because at the moment I am just taking photos as usual, and I think I need some professional guidance to make them really good. I have been searching for good advice on the internet though, and in between studying for an exam and spending time with friends,  taking photos might be a nice way to procrastinate ♥ 




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Big Christmas Magic ♥

Today is the 21th. of December, and I am over the moon ecstatic about the fact, that I finally have a long vacation, which means tons of books, long walks, writing, creative living, time with friends and family, movies, chocolate and carols 🙂

A couple of days ago I bought a camera as a (very expensive) Christmas present for myself, and yesterday I brought it with me when I went to meet a friend for lunch. We took it with us on our walk to the water and through the forest. I took some very nice photos and there seems to be plenty of fun creativity things to do with my new investment.

A while ago, I read Elizabeth Gilberts Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear, which motivated me to do other creative stuff then just writing. Besides playing around with my camera, I am trying to learn how to play guitar, and have borrowed my mom’s guitar, which she bought in the 1970s (which is perfect since I am really into the 70s at the moment).

Big Magic is, in many ways, the book I have been missing and I think I will reread it in a short while, because I have this idea that it might have something more to teach me. Big Magic challenges me in a way, because it refuses to let me (the creative person) fall in to the trap so many creatives fall into; we take ourselves and our art way to seriously.  In many cases that means we end up doing less then we should or could, because we want all we create to be perfect and more important than it really is. So go do stuff! (Have you noticed that when people give advice, it is usually about themselves?) .

Elizabeth Gilbert is perhaps most famous for her book Eat Pray Love (which I loved!), but to me she is just as much known for her take on creativity as she is for her authorship, especially in regards to women and creativity. In connection with the publication of Big Magic (which was in September), she also started a series of podcasts called Magic Lessons, where she talks to a lot of different people (like Sheryl Strayed – the author of Wild) about creativity – you can find them here.


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To be or not to be productive ♥

Being unemployed do have its positive sides. One of those being that I can plan my day as I want. However, most of my days fly by so fast, and I often end up with the feeling that I haven’t really done anything. I usually don’t spend most of the morning sleeping, but often it still ends up being between 8 and 9 before I get up, and as I don’t like to rush in the morning I prefer to have at least one hour to take a shower, have breakfast and so on, meaning that it is often at least 10, before I start doing anything. Still, this means that I have plenty of time left to do all the things I need to do and want to do. But I don’t know what happens, because I often end up spending the day on a few things instead of being very productive for a the whole day and then maybe call it a day at 4 or 5, without feeling guilty because I have actually done the things that I wanted to do that day.  I haven’t quite figured out how to be more productive during the day, especially in regards to the things that I really want to do;

I talk a lot about all the things I want to do. All the dreams I have, and the good things I want to make happen in my life. I talk and I talk some more. And the closer I get to actually feeling “yes this is what I want” and actually felling it a 100%, the more stupid I feel. Because I don’t do anything about it. “I want to be a writer”. Okay, then write. And I write and I write. Then I stop. And then all the excuse enters. Then I start again. Write, write and write some more. And then I stop. I am like someone trying to quit smoking and failing to do so every time.  And why is that? Fear of course. Fear is the one thing that always tends to stop anyone for doing what they really want. “I want to move to London”. But oh no I can´t. I have to…bla.bla. And then all the excuses start again. One of my excuses for getting some writing done for instance, is that I don’t have a table; I will have to sit with my laptop on my lap making it bit more difficult to enjoy the process. But then go to a library right? There is one just five minutes from where I live…more excuses I guess.

But..I guess I can start on Monday right?

What do you do to implement a good daily routine? Are you able to being productive enough during the day, or are you constantly behind and feeling guilty? I hope not, but if you are do share ♥ 

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NaNoWriMo and feeling a bit guilty

I have not written anything since the first of november. I have been even more busy then I thought I would be. But not with writing though. I got off to a good start and wrote 9000 words pretty quickly. But then I started to get more and more busy with other things. I tried to make writing a priority but a lot of the time I was just too occupaid with other things. And I feel so guilty about that, because I promised to make writing my top priority this month and I failed. The thing is though that there is only a bit over a week left, and I will probably not be able to write the last 40.000 words that I need in order to win the NaNoWriMo.

I try to look at the positive in everything, and figure out what there is to learn from any experience. What I realise now is that I do not work well under pressure. I know that if I want to make a living out of my passion, I will probably have to work under deadlines, but at the moment it does not really work for me. I can´t write if I got a thousand other things occupaying my mind. It kind of kills the creative flow – for me at least. What also happened was that I ended up hating my storyline. It did not work for me at all, and I don´t think I can get anything more out of it. I´m afraid that if I continue the story, it will create some kind of tension everything I sit down and write, and I so do not want writing to be something that causes unnecessary annoyance or stress like this was starting to…

But today I actually got my urge to write back, and I started writing another story kind of inspired by the book “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell… It will probably not be a part of the NaNoWriMo, but you never know….

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NaNoWriMo – Almost there♥

Today is the day before November 1st. I am getting ready to emerge myself into writing. I am excited, worried and happy. It is going to be amazing and really frustrating. I might not make it. I might crack after a week. I might not get pass 5000 words, but I will try my hardest. My November will be filled with a lot more than writing, but it will still be a top priority.

Tomorrow I am going to a birthday in the afternoon, so I will try to get my word count done in the morning. I have to prepare you (or warn you, depend on how you look at it), November will probably only be about the NaNoWriMo event, so I hope you are ready for it? Along the way, I will also post some of the vlogs I watch during the month in regards to this event.

The one in this post is on how to improve your writing, and what I really like about the video is that it revolves around the language itself. For instance, she (Katytastic) warns against using passive voice too much, and to be aware, not to write too much about emotions! She angrily went outside… Especially here, you need to show don’t tell. Both advices I personally need to think about while writing. I might not be able to avoid it all the time, since the story for the NaNoWriMo event, will only be a first draft. The editing will come afterwards (which I have never been good at, and this is usually the point where I give up – but not this year though!).

Last night I decided on a story, and started writing something down about the main character. Today, I will see if I can outline some of the story. I do not have the whole plot figured out though, so I will just see how far I get, and take it as it comes. Usually I work a bit different. I normally just get an idea and then sit down and write. But it is always good to improve where you can, and since one of my biggest problems is to actually finish a story(starting it is a whole other matter, I have no problems there), it is probably a good idea to outline the story as much as possible. I can always change it as I go a long.

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So as you might remember, I signed up for the NaNoWriMo event here in November, where I have to write 50.000 words in 30 days, and though it has not started yet I am already completely stressed! I have no clue what to write and had not given it much thought until yesterday, where I received a mail about the event. In the mail they recommend that you write your idea on their website before November 1st, and I just thought that I would see where inspiration would lead me once we hit November. But I do not feel inspired. I just feel stressed!

I have been writing some things down, ideas and thoughts, but they all sound rubbish and definitely not like something that could be any good.

Sorry for my rant, I suspect it will be better on Saturday when I sit down to write the first 1667 words, which is the amount of words I have to write every day in order to reach the 50.000 words. Of course, I know that once I get into the flow of things I get easily write more than 1667 words pr. day.

To keep myself inspired and motivated and as part of my survival kit, I will watch different vlogs on youtube. I especially found this one funny:

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Change of scenery ♥

I have changed my blog (again) just a tad. I found that, though I really liked it the way it looked before, I think this is more me in a way. It was also me before, but now it is more me (hope it makes sense).

Today have been work as usual, but today I got good news from back home; My sister´s dog just got a puppy (yes a puppy, she only got one), apparently nobody had realised she was pregnant (they all thought it was a fake pregency, which has happened before), and today she gave birth to a girl puppy. Both mom and puppy are doing fine. I can not wait to see her 

Hope you are all enjoying October, I sure am – though I wish it would stop raining all the time.