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I got travel on my mind

Lately Paris and London has been on my mind quite a lot. I feel so homesick some times for both cities and I really want to pack a suitcase and get on the next train to Paris as soon as possible. But no can do for quite some time. Money is this annoying thing that is really important some times, particularly for travelling which can be done cheap. but not free. A friend (and housemate for a little while yet) send me this link last night, and that made me miss Paris even more. Paris is always a good idea, also this time of the year. On the 30th this month, it will be 2 years ago since I moved to Paris and stayed there for almost 4 months. It is a dangerous thing to do, you could end up getting Paris on your mind, and that is something that is very hard to get rid of again. Which is what the link is all about; Paris will destroy you in a sense, because you will never be the same once you have been there, lived among the parisians and experienced the beauty of the city. Dont go there if you are not prepared for the consequences. go there anyway okay? ♥

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